Eurohormones Somatropin 80 IU
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  • Chemical name: Somatropin 191AA
    Strength: 8 IU
    Size: 10 vials

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Manufacturer: Eurohormones pharmaceuticals

Chemical name: Somatropin 191AA

Strength: 8 IU

Size: 10 vials


HGH is an insanely helpful training aid that works to control our bodily metabolism as well as make us feel more limber and younger. Many older athletes take HGH for its amazing rejuvenation effects and athletes that are prone to injury will quite often included alongside their steroid cycles because it also tends to supercharge the effects of steroids as well as aid in the recovery of hormones after a steroid cycle is completed. HGH was developed originally for patients that were recovering from surgery or required a helping hand in cell rejuvenation, metabolism control and growth. HGH has recently found its way into the bodybuilding community to help individuals with persisting injuries and for pushing their training even further through competition. By reducing recovery times and supercharging the effects of steroids you can enjoy a much more hard-core training experience with less recovery time.


HGH is especially akin to making athletes feel younger and for a better recovery time through training this is a popular stacking drug.




HGH is absolutely excellent for adjusting muscle and bone growth. You can actually work at increasing the strength of your bones and the power of your muscles just by taking HGH so there are many athletes that simply enjoy taking it for pushing themselves further during training without the use of steroids. Adding steroids that makes however can help you achieve greater cutting power, strength and energy. HGH also adjusts our metabolism in the way that we processed sugar so it's possible to see amazing gains when it comes to creating lean powerful muscle as well.


HGH really helps you push through the aches and pains of train and its effective at helping you build mass as well as in hormone recovery through PCT when your body can sometimes we can sometimes weaken.




1-2iu’s are absolutely required per day for effective results. Some athletes will push this does higher to three or four iu’s especially if they're planning on taking on hard-core training. HGH users can benefit from extremely long cycle times as well meaning that you can persist on using HGH long into your PCT as well.



GH cycles can last around 16 weeks with the minimum cycle averaging around 8 to 12 weeks. Most athletes generally commit to at least a 16 week cycle because then they can use it alongside steroids and into PCT. 

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