Glotropin hGH 80 IU
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  • Brand:Global Anabolic
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  • Chemical name: Somatropin 191AA
    Strength: 8 IU
    Size: 10 vials + 10ml bacteriostatic water

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Manufacturer: Global Anabolic

Chemical name: Somatropin 191AA

Strength: 8 IU

Size: 10 vials + 10ml bacteriostatic water


Human growth hormone is commonly called lightning in a bottle or the fountain of youth this is because aging athletes and athletes that are participating in hard-core training programs are able to see themselves as they were just a few years ago when taking it. HGH is an extremely powerful compound that works to improve growth, training and the recovery process. It was originally created for the medical world to aid with recuperation and recovery. Patients recovering from burns or surgery regularly are given HGH because it aids in the speed and recovery of healing. Athletes generally introduce HGH into their cycles because it helps them experience less downtime, supercharges steroid effectiveness and make sure that they don't experience difficulty with any persisting injuries that they might have from years about what a competition.


HGH produces a number of distinct effects but perhaps one of the greatest is the fast recovery and growth. Stacking HGH is an excellent idea for both PCT and for on cycle use.




HGH can help you see some massive gains because it works to affect muscle and bone growth, the metabolism of fat and sugar within our bodies as well as the way that we recover from injury. It really is like a cure-all and something they can help boost your training to the next level especially if you find that you regularly get fatigued or hindered by injuries.


HGH can work to rejuvenate cells and help athletes push through the aches and pains of training. Athletes of a certain age even site that they feel much younger when they introduce HGH into their cycle. HGH is extremely effective for both building mass and during cutting phases when it is introduced into a steroid cycle. It also helps with hormone recovery in PCT.




Athletes need to run at least 1 to 2 Iu’s each day for effective results. Many push their dosage up to three or four Iu’s especially if they have had difficulty with ongoing injuries to training. The nice part about HGH is that you can continue very long cycles and even continue the cycle long past your steroid use for appropriate hormone recovery.




Most cycles of GH will last around 16 weeks with the minimum cycle averaging anywhere between eight and 12 weeks. It's usually best to commit to the longer cycle to feel the rejuvenation effects and because it's extremely beneficial for both PCT and training. 

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