Global Anabolic Testosterone Suspension 50mg
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  • Brand:Global Anabolic
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  • Chemical name: Testosterone Suspension
    Strength: 50mg
    Size: 10 ml

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Manufacturer: Global Anabolic

Chemical name: Testosterone Suspension

Strength: 50mg

Size: 10 ml


Testosterone suspension features no esters meeting that every millimeter that can be found in the vial is pure suspended testosterone. This was one of the first medications available for treating TRT and is currently one of the more powerful testosterone-based performance enhancement medications. Because of the purity of its nature it easy to detect but also extremely powerful.


The suspension is hardly ever used in TRT anymore but is instead mostly used for performance enhancement only. It's relatively quick clearing and it's also easy to keep testosterone levels at their peak especially with daily doses or doses every other day.




With testosterone you can start to see almost immediate performance-enhancing effects. Daily injections or injections every other day will help to keep you in peak training condition and help you have ongoing feelings of well-being as well as an increased sex drive. Testosterone such as this will really help you in your training and help to speed recovery time. You won't feel the same muscle soreness and it's possible that you can really push through plateaus with the help of the power in this medication. This definitely isn't something that you want to take over a long cycle like some of the other Testosterone esters but it can help you see explosive power over a short cycle.




The average dose for testosterone suspension usually ranges around 50 to 100 mg per day or every other day. The maximum dosage that should be considered is around 700 mg per week and this will put you at an extreme risk for estrogen-based side effects. Taking an estrogen blocker with this is absolutely crucial because it is pure testosterone it will be converted into estrogen by your body quite readily.




Most of the maximum cycles with testosterone suspension last 8 weeks. In many cases 4 to 6 weeks of use is the common cycle. This is really meant to be a short term steroid but it does stack very well with other anabolic steroids should you choose to combine the powers of a cutting steroid alongside it. PCT is most definitely required after injecting. Testosterone so that your body can continue producing natural testosterone after being supplemented through your cycle. 

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