Global Anabolic T3 50mcg
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  • Brand:Global Anabolic
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  • Chemical name: Liothyronine Sodium
    Strength: 50mcg
    Size: 100 tabs

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Manufacturer: Global Anabolic

Chemical name: Liothyronine Sodium

Strength: 50mcg

Size: 100 tabs


T3 is a thyroid hormone that's most commonly used in fat loss. Many athletes invited into their anabolic steroid cycles because T-3 mimics production of thyroxine from the thyroid which can produce a potent fat burning effect.


Many athletes enjoy using T-3 in a cycle because it leads to greater anabolism and GH production which is extremely helpful when stacking with steroids or when in a cutting phase of training.




For the most part T3 allows you to influence your thyroid and make a noticeable difference when it comes to fat burning and metabolism. This is definitely one way that you can stack the deck in your favor when it comes to cutting and losing rapid amounts of weight very quickly. Anabolism affects are also increased when you use this medication. Even in very small doses it can be extremely effective over a long-term and can affect fibroid function.




Most athletes generally take around 12.5 MCG and a day and although this doesn't seem like a lot this is enough for a single use daily dose. If you were interested in serious fat burning effects and wanted to up your dosage to 50 MCG and a day it would be very important to divide this dose into three equal portions so that your metabolism would be controlled throughout the day. Upping your dosage beyond this range is not recommended and taking this type of dosage all at once can actually do more harm than good and impair your metabolism. Ultimately it's about taking small doses to make very big gains with weight loss. Keeping your dosage is extremely important through the day but with relatively fresh pharmaceutical powder you can see a real difference in your training and cutting ability. Keep an eye on the half-life or shelf life of the product for maximum effectiveness.




T3 is very easy to cycle into any steroid cycle and can be extremely useful when introduced into dieting or cutting phases. Quite often it's stacked with anabolic steroids because it can help to supercharge the effects. Start taking T3 at the start of your cycle and you will see some amazing benefits when it comes to creating lean muscle. Because it can affect your metabolism it's important to note that it may take some time to get used to the post cycle crash that can occur when coming off a T3 cycle. Your metabolism will recover and perhaps even keep on with the same results for up to six weeks after you finish a cycle this means that your body may naturally continue with your current metabolism rate even when you go off the cycle briefly.

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