Global Anabolic IGF-1
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  • Chemical name: Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Human Recombinant
    Strength: 100mcg/vial
    Size: 10 vials + 10ml bacteriostatic water

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Manufacturer: Global Anabolic

Chemical name: Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Human Recombinant

Strength: 100mcg/vial

Size: 10 vials + 10ml bacteriostatic water


Insulin like growth factor medications all come from a family of peptides that aid in growth and development. IGF-1 is a medication that actually works as a growth hormone in a miracle serum that can actually help our body with recovery and normalization of hormones.

IGF-1 works very differently than injectable HGH actually helps the body to support and naturally produce HGH which leads to a much more normalized results for PCT and for controlling actions during a cycle. It's relatively inexpensive and the dosage is quite easy. You only need to take it just like a multivitamin to see the results for yourself.


By regularly taking IGF-1 you can work to spur the creation of HGH which will help you to avoid performance related injuries, help you push yourself further in training and help your body to normalize its hormones after you complete a steroid cycle. With all of these positive benefits many athletes like to introduce IGF-1 into a cycle so that they can see the greatest overall benefits and create less chance of injuries through their training. For its ability to improve recovery times alone you can build muscles faster as well as improved the rate at which you build muscle by allowing the tissue more fuel to grow and form.


In the tabbed format you need to only take one of the supplements each day for the best results. Just a few Iu’s in the freeze-dried format will also work just as well. The supplement tabbed version is much easier to manage however.


IGF-1 is extremely beneficial for both cycle and off cycle uses. For improving your overall recovery time IGF-1 really comes to play when you are training in on cycle. For the natural production of HGH you can essentially supercharge any anabolic steroid that you might be taken and that can have a powerful effect to getting the most out of every training session. HGH is also very beneficial when it comes to PCT and IGF-1 can slowly help your body to recover its natural state once again and begin to produce its natural hormones with ease. 

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