EU Bioz Turanabol 10mg
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  • Chemical name: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
    Strength: 100mg
    Size: 10ml

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Manufacturer: EU Bioz

Chemical name: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone

Strength: 100mg

Size: 10ml


Tbol features some of the same actions that Dianabol can produce only without the same risk for water retention. Certain steroids work to promote the idea of bulking up or cultivating mass where as Tbol works closely with the athlete to help them produce more natural, lean gains. Tbol can also be used over a much longer cycle allowing the athlete to see longer ongoing gains which will appear more natural in their training community. A discreet oral dose also makes it easy to keep in the system.


Tbol was developed and used throughout the Olympics in the 1960s. Developed in Germany as a performance enhancement for their athletes, Tbol is synonymous with quality in the bodybuilding community and its recognized as one of the top athletic performance enhancing drugs because of the slower action. It also has an extremely low risk of side effects and an easy-to-use dosage which makes it a very big favorite amongst new steroid users.




Tbol is known for producing effects that aren't overly dramatic but instead muscular definition that looks much more realistic and natural than some other types of steroids on the market. Tbol can help you to see real gains in strength, size and definition and all at a very natural pace. It's an excellent medication for busting past a plateau and for pushing your training to the next level. If you need lean, natural muscle mass that is built up over a long steroid cycle this is most definitely something to check out.




Most users of Tbol take doses between 20 and 40 mg per day. You can push up to 50mg if you would like to see much more dramatic results from your training. Ultimately it's about the size of your body and keeping the right dosage to keep you competitive and to keep you pushing your training further. The nice part about the oral format is that you can keep steady amounts of steroids in your system through daily doses. You can even stack other steroids to maximize the effect or to see larger mass gains. Many athletes choose to supplement Tbol in their Winstrol or Dianabol cycles.




Tbol can be used in cycle for much longer than some other steroids. While many other steroids can only be used for 4-5 weeks athletes can keep using Tbol for around 6 to 8 weeks extending the length of their cycle and making the process of easing into PCT easier. 

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