EU Bioz Anadrol 50mg
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  • Brand:EU Bioz
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  • Chemical name: Oxymethelone
    Strength: 50mg
    Size: 100 tabs

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Manufacturer: EU Bioz

Chemical name: Oxymethelone

Strength: 50mg

Size: 100 tabs


Anadrol is one of the most powerful and fast acting steroids available on the market for bulking. You can effectively transform your entire body over just a months time and potentially gain as much as 20 to 30 pounds in four weeks. Some other steroids on the market can take months or weeks to see this type of weight gain but this produces a dramatic effect when it comes to size and strength. Not many steroids on the market can boast the same claim and this is what makes Anadrol one of the go to bulking drugs for performance athletes.




Anadrol has become extremely popular for performance athletes as a powerful anabolic steroid. If you need to see a huge buildup in strength and size this is most definitely the way to do it and many athletes use it as an off-season training drug before they take on a diet or cutting cycle.


Some athletes have recorded as much as 40 pounds through the course of the cycle but 20 to 30 pounds over the course of a month on Anadrol is well within normal limits for a first cycle. This drug is although bulking and it does just that your body.


The amount of bulk isn't really that easy to predict and ultimately it comes down to the amount of times that you have used anadrol in the past as well as your own individual body chemistry. 40 pounds over a cycle is an unheard of but these are the types of effects that everyone will see.




Anadrol is usually taken with some type of ancillary drug to counteract the estrogenic effects and negative side effects like gyno. When starting a cycle on Anadrol most athletes does with 50 mg a day. Many athletes also stack Anadrol with other testosterone-based steroids so that they can get the most of their strength training and bulking. 100 mg per day is about the maximum effect dosage that athletes use with anadrol. After this point it simply doesn't become more effective only increases your risk for side effects.




Cycles on Anadrol are relatively short. Six weeks is about the maximum cycle for this bulking drug and most athletes usually reserve around four weeks on anadrol. It produces a fairly early plateau but the results that it can accomplish in just a month will put other bulking steroids to shame. PCT is definitely required as it affects a huge hormonal change in your body and can restrict the amount of natural testosterone that you are producing. 

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