Asia Dispensary EQ 300mg
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  • Brand:Asia Dispensary
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  • Chemical name: Boldenone Undecylenate
    Strength: 10ml
    Size: 300mg

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Manufacturer: Asia Dispensary

Chemical name: Boldenone Undecylenate

Strength: 10ml

Size: 300mg


Asia Dispensary EQ 300mg  is an extremely beneficial chemical compound that was created by accident when scientists were working with Dbol. EQ is very similar in its chemical composition but it behaves entirely differently. EQ actually has similarities which are much closer to the hormone testosterone which makes it far closer to Deca than Dbol in the effects that it produces. Perhaps the best part about using EQ is that it has a low aromatization which happens at roughly half the rate of testosterone. For athletes that abuse testosterone suspensions this means that they can enjoy medication that will stay in their system at least twice as long. Due to its slow release this also means that it has very low estrogenic side effects making it perfect for use on both men and women.




Many athletes prefer to use EQ in their cycles because it lasts for such a long time and allows them to slowly build up muscle and results. Most athletes generally keep their cycles at around 12 weeks time and this helps them to achieve nominal but reasonably paced muscle building results over time rather than simply gaining mass all at once. This means that athletes can start to see real strength and quality lean muscle through their cycle and with extremely low side effects. As an added bonus EQ is extremely reasonable and widely available. Part of this reason is because of its low side effects and its popularity of use.




Most athletes start with around 400 mg in their first week and stretch for a dose of around 600 mg per week towards mid cycle. It's important to both taper on and taper off to try and get your body to continue making natural testosterone once again before you begin PCT. Gradual increases will also ensure that you don't risk injury by pushing your training to far. Women should consider just a slightly smaller dose due to their size and body chemistry. EQ is still 100% safe for both sexes and has almost no recorded negative side effects even through heavy use in the women's and men's bodybuilding community.




Over a 12 week cycle you shouldn't need any ancillary drugs to counteract negative side effects. Effects like water retention simply don't occur with EQ and the only consideration you need to make is a proper PCT plan to return your body chemistry to normal. 

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